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Upcoming Special Events:

Upcoming Culinary Artisan Dinner - Tuesday, November 17th - The Loft at Soby's

As part of our ongoing Table 301 Culinary Artisan Series, We welcome Chef Chris Hall of Unsukay Community Restaurant Group (Muss & Turner, Eleanor's, Local Three and Common Quarter) in Georgia.

The series continues as Chef Michael Kramer teams up with Chef Chris Hall for our next Culinary Artisan dinner, currently scheduled to be held in the Loft at Soby's. The chefs are collaborating on the menu, so check back soon for more details. To go ahead and reserve your space, please call 864.232.7007.

More about Chris Hall

Hall is clearly the most rakishly handsome and debonair of the three Unsukay Partners.  His story begins right around the corner from Local Three at the Pizza Hut on Collier Road, where he worked as a teenager.  Somehow, the magic smell of pepperoni and yeast lured him  in and 25+ years later he is  still at it.  Either that or he is just too dense to figure anything else out……So he threw some pizzas and moved up the proverbial ladder, eventually landing while in college at Philadelphia’s famed Lec Bec Fin where he was begrudgingly taught to cook by an angry Frenchman & his minions. It was a kitchen ripe with talent & he was too dumb to be scared so he set off to learning and taught himself how to cook.  Some folks, including a few dining critics, claim he never learned to cook but undaunted, he still kept trying.
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